What in the World Is a Cloudberry?

Bowl of Ripe Cloudberries

I sometimes get asked where I got the idea to name my company Cloudberry Beauty ... did I invent a fantastical berry to use as my logo?

The answer is no! A lot of Americans have never heard of them, but cloudberries are a very real - and delicious - berry!

Cloudberries like the cold and grow mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, in countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, and even parts of Russia, Germany, and Canada.

Also called "bakeapples," (Bakeapple Beauty just doesn't have the same ring to it) cloudberries are ripe when they reach a reddish-orange color, and taste something like a cross between a raspberry, watermelon, and red currant. 

Sadly, it is nearly impossible to find cloudberries here in America, so the only way we have of tasting them - aside from travel - is in a jelly or jam! You can find cloudberry jam on Amazon.com, and even sometimes at Ikea! It is absolutely delicious and quite addictive!

The short answer I like to give people is - cloudberries are a Norwegian delicacy ... just like me!

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