Seven AMAZING facts about Calendula Flowers:

Calendula Flowers

1. Calendula flowers contain anti-viral properties.

2. The petals are edible! They taste delicious in salads, and contain many medicinal properties!

3. Calendula has been used in traditional herbal medicine to treat wounds, skin irritations, headaches, stomach ailments and toothaches for centuries.

4. Calendula has been shown to aid in treating acne.

5. Used on the battlefield in the Civil War and World War I, calendula flowers were used as an antiseptic and in bandaging to promote healing.

6. This "King of Marigolds" can be used as a natural food or fabric dye!

7. I am in LOVE with Calendula flowers, and utilize their benefits in my Triple-Herb-Infused Oil, used in all of my Lotion Bars, and my Sacred Earth Balm.

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