Naked Lip Balm

Cloudberry Beauty

$ 4.00
Naked Lip Balm

Unscented, unflavored, untinted. Just right.


What it Does:

  •  Conditions Lips with Raw Honey, Beeswax, Olive Oil
  •  Hydrates
  •  Heals Sore, Chapped Lips
  •  Avocado Butter Infuses Lips with Vitamins
  •  Olive Oil
  •  Beeswax
  •  Avocado Butter
  •  Raw Honey
  •  Castor Oil


Does Not Contain:

  •  Parabens
  •  Dangerous Mineral Oil
  •  Toxic Chemicals
  •  Phthalates
  •  BPA in Ingredients or Packaging
  •  Artificial Fragrance or Coloring


How to Use:

Apply topically as needed.

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